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Antimicrobial Resistance - a growing challenge for today and for future generations


During the last decades an increasing number of antimicrobials has been developed to prevent and treat infectious diseases, but they have become increasingly ineffective.


Although adaptiveness of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites is a natural phenomenon the fact that they do not respond to most antimicrobial agents anymore is now becoming a global threat.

In 2019, nearly 5 million human deaths worldwide were associated with bacterial AMR, of which 1.3 million human deaths were directly attributable to bacterial AMR.ׂ(1)


What causes AMR?

Responsible for the Antimicrobial resistance is the misuse of antibiotics especially:

  • The usage of antibiotics for minor ailments

  • The usage of antibiotics without prescription

  • The usage of antimicrobials for the wrong causing agents (antibiotics for viruses, fungi etc)

  • The usage of antimicrobials as a preventive without antibiotic sensitivity testing

  • The usage of antibiotics in livestock (dairy cows, sheep, pigs, chicken)

What can you do to help to prevent AMR?

  • Do not use antibiotics for minor ailments or without prescription

  • If you have been prescribed antibiotics take them as prescribed

  • Do not share antibiotics with anyone, they may have been helpful for you but not necessarily for others

How does Homeopathy help the fight against AMR?

Homeopathy has been successfully used to treat infectious diseases long before antibiotics were discovered. The value of homeopathic treatment of URTIs (Upper respiratory tract infections) is documented in the French EPI 3 LASER study


This observational study shows that homeopathic treatment resulted in a significantly lower consumption of antibiotics and similar results compared to the group of patients under conventional treatment. In addition to these findings homeopathic treatment was 20% cheaper than conventional treatment.



Homeopathy in livestock farming

There is also an extensive use of antibiotics within the mass production of meat, both as preventative and as treatment. This leads to unnecessary human consumption of antibiotics, as well as bad effects on the environment. Homeopathy is an alternative to the overuse of antibiotics.


Studies have shown that the use of homeopathy in the treatment of animals can successfully reduce the need for antibiotic treatment.



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