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The objects of the International Council for Homeopathy are:


- To encourage the highest standards of the professional practice of homeopathy throughout the world in order for homeopaths to be best able to restore and improve the health of patients


- To ensure the public’s freedom of choice to access its preferred healthcare approach, including Homeopathy. 

-   To promote access to homeopathic remedies and to practitioners.

-   To maintain the right of homeopaths to seek official recognition for the profession from the institutions of each national government and from multi-national government bodies

- To act as a central international organisation for existing professional associations and registers of homeopaths and to provide a supportive infrastructure for emerging new associations and registers throughout the world


- To act as an international advisory body to national and international governmental, scientific, academic and other relevant institutions


- To encourage unity and harmony of standards within the Homeopathy profession through mutual cooperation and the exchange of knowledge, experience and resources


- To promote and encourage the development of either an association or registers of homeopaths in each country and to strongly encourage co-operation and unity between them at continental and world level of anything that is connected with or that may attribute to the aforementioned, in the broadest sense.

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