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Homeopathy is a healing art and science of medicine that has been clinically developed from the principles discovered by doctor Samuel Hahnemann and described in his treatise "The Organon of Medicine". Homeopathy is a holistic medicine that is aimed at treating all the levels of the patient - physical mental and emotional in order to heal him as a whole person; not just to mitigate or improve his symptoms.


The practice of Homeopathy involves a detailed case-taking whereby the patient relates the present symptoms and past history which has led up to the reason for the consult. The homeopath will analyze this information and compare it to the 'Materia Medica', in order to find the most similar and appropriate medicine that covers the whole case of the patient. He will then recommend the selected medicine in  the appropriate dosage and frequency of repetition according to the patient’s needs. Follow up appointments will be scheduled over the following months to assess progress and further recommendations.



Following its discovery over 200 years ago  the practice of Homeopathy has spread rapidly throughout the world and is  practiced in an increasing number of countries. During the 20th century, with the advent of modern pharmacological and surgical techniques of conventional medicine led to a temporary decline in the popularity of Homeopathy. Now it is once again gaining popularity around the world as a complementary and alternative option to conventional medicine, as consumers are looking for natural ways to address their ailments and for the treatment of many conditions for which conventional medicine has only limited effect.




All over the world homeopathic medicines are widely used by people  for self-treatment of minor injuries and self-limiting ailments.


When Homeopathy is practiced by professional homeopaths or doctors with an additional qualification in Homeopathy it is beneficial for patients presenting a wider range of conditions, such as chronic ailments and complicated medical conditions.


Homeopathy can treat a wide variety of medical conditions for families, the young and the old, and can be used along-side conventional medication without risk of complications. It is a natural, safe, effective and inexpensive method of treatment that serves to increase the health and vitality of the individual without the attended risk or side-effects that conventional medicines often produce.

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